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Who We Are

Program Pendidikan Dokter Spesialis (PPDS) Germany

We are a group of Indonesian and German doctors who provide One Door Service (ODS) to Indonesian doctors to become specialist doctors in Germany.

We have more than 10 years of experience and have successfully become specialist doctors in Germany.Have you ever felt desperate to become a specialist doctor and felt that there was no way and needed large funds to finish education? PPDS-Germany can provide a solution for you. As long as you study and concentrate on developing new skills (German and German equivalent exam), we will help you to succeed.

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PPDS Germany Overview

Introductory information video about the services offered by PPDS Germany. Your gateway to a brighter future! 

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Meet Our Team

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Dr. Jakob Hanna

Specialist for Internal Medicine

Dr. Sandy Wijaya

Specialist for Internal Medicine and Cardiology Emergency Medicine
Why Germany

Medicine in Jermany

The advancement of technology and medical knowledge in Germany is recognized on the international stage so that many Nobel Prizes have been awarded to experts from Germany: Robert Koch (peneliti Tuberkulilli), William Röntgen (penemu rontgen), Harald zur Hausen (penemu immunisasi herpesvirus) dan Werner Forßmann (penemu kateter jantung).