Goethe-Zertifikat B2

Goethe-Zertifikat B2

The Gothe Institute language exam is a German exam for teenagers and adults. This exam confirms language proficiency at an advanced level and is equivalent to a fourth level (B2) on the six-level European Union Agreement Competency Level competency scale (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2).

One of the language requirements for PPDS in Germany is to pass Goethe-Z Certified B2. However there are some states in Germany / Bundeslaender that need to pass the Goethe-Z Certified C1. So doctors are advised to attend language schools at least up to C1. From level A1 to level B2, it takes approximately 1 year at the Goethe Institute in Indonesia with a superintensive program from Monday to Friday at 08.00-16.00.

Learning German from level A1 to B2 directly in Germany is limited to about 1 to 1.5 years and this will create residence permit problems because German language school permits are limited. If the residence permit expires, the doctor must return to his country and start registering again from Indonesia. Therefore, the requirement of the PPDS-Germany Medical Program is to pass Goethe-Z Certified B2

Can recognize, understand and use simple sentences to explain concrete things in everyday life. Can introduce yourself and others, and can ask questions about other people

Can recognize and understand sentences that are directly related to the subject (for example: information about a person and their family, their shopping habits, their work, their surroundings). Able to communicate in routine daily situations, marked by the ability to directly exchange information about things that are usually encountered on a daily basis. Can express in simple sentences, origins, education, immediate environment and things related to primary needs.

Can understand the main topics of a particular subject such as: work, education, free time etc., as long as using standard German which is easy to understand. Can solve almost any language problem when in German speaking countries. Can describe easily, certain subjects or those that are liked and their relation to other things. Can tell experiences, events, dreams, hopes and life goals and can provide brief explanations / reasons for certain plans / thoughts

Can understand the essence of complex texts, both with concrete and abstract themes, and can understand discussions on a certain subject, if it is in accordance with the field of competence. Can communicate spontaneously and fluently with the Native-Speaker so as to create a fair conversation and without significant obstacles on both sides. Can express opinions clearly and in detail on various subjects, can also discuss one of the subjects of an actual theme, and can describe the pros and cons of a choice made.

Can understand a variety of texts that are longer and more complicated, and can grasp the meaning hidden behind the text. Can express opinions spontaneously and fluently, without often seeming to have difficulty finding the right words. Be able to use German precisely and flexibly in various fields of life such as: social life, work life or education and lectures. Can explain complex subjects in a clear, structured and detailed manner using a variety of aids available in managing text properly.

Can easily understand everything that is read or heard. Can summarize information from various sources, both oral and written, and can retranslate it along with information and explanations in connection with this matter. Can convey something precisely, spontaneously and fluently and has excellent language skills, so that it can describe complex subjects with a variety of nuances.

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