The beautiful university city of Heidelberg is located in southwest Germany, in the province of Baden Württemberg. Heidelberg is in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan area, right on the banks of the Neckar river. This city has a long history starting with the Romans.

With its picturesque old town, castle ruins, which are also city landmarks, and other sights, the city of Heidelberg attracts a large number of tourists, exchange students and language learners around the world every year. Throughout the year, people flock from near and far to this city. Heidelberg attracts visitors of all ages. The city is a small town so orientation is easy for visitors. Thus this city is very suitable for studying and concentrating. Nevertheless, it has a lot to offer so that studying and preparing for PPDS is not tedious.

Of the 140,000 residents of Heidelberg, about 30,000 are students who are mostly studying at Heidelberg University. The university was founded in 1386, making it the oldest university in Germany.

In addition to the many other subjects that can be studied at Heidelberg, the fields of medicine, law, and natural sciences are very popular and have received many international awards. Due to its central location, you can quickly reach many other major university cities from Heidelberg, such as Karlsruhe, Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Mainz, Cologne and many others.

As a student city, Heidelberg is very suitable as the first place of residence for international students. At Heidelberg, they quickly find their way into student life and are thus able to improve and apply their German language skills on a daily basis.