Medicine in Germany

Why Germany?

The advancement of technology and medical knowledge in Germany is recognized on the international stage so that many Nobel Prizes have been awarded to experts from Germany: Robert Koch (tuberculosis researcher), William Röntgen (inventor of x-rays), Harald zur Hausen (inventor of herpesvirus immunization) and Werner Forßmann (inventor of cardiac catheter).

Germany is a developed country and a leader in Europe. By having sophisticated technology and an advanced medical education system. Germany provides world-class health services for its people. With an education system based on socialization, every doctor in Germany has the opportunity to take specialized education. Desperate to find a medical specialty or want to see healthcare in developed countries with fast technology and top notch medical care but don't know where to start?

We can help you

Places for specialization are limited, while the number of applicants is quite high, so the possibility to get the opportunity to continue the Specialization Education is limited. There are those who want to continue their Specialization to Australia, Singapore, China, Philippines, United States of America and other countries. Why not go to Germany?

We can help you because we have done all the steps you need to do.

Specializing in Germany is still a good alternative for the following reasons
Hopefully these benefits can advance doctors and medicine in beloved Germany and Indonesia Indonesia
SchoolPendidikan Hospital (University)All hospitals (university or private)
Net income per monthNothing (until now)Starting salary of about 40 million per month (2600 euros)
Savings per monthThere is no25-30 million (1800 Euro)
Tax refund per yearThere is noAround 2000-5000 Euro
Age limitLimitedThere is no limit
Paid leave20 days30 days (paid)
Parenting leaveThere is noUp to 14 months with a salary of 80%
Support money for children per monthThere is noFrom the government about 3.5 million (204 Euro)
Education and seminar money per yearThere is noAbout 500-1000 Euros for 4-5 Days
InsuranceBPJSFull insurance inclusive
Accommodation (living and dining)About 5 million (300 euros)Around 10 million (750-1000 Euros)
Preparation1 -2 years (PTT)2 years (FachsprachenprÜfung and KenntnisprÜfung language courses and exams)
Duration of educationAbout 5 yearsAbout 5 years