Who We Are

Who We Are

Program Pendidikan Dokter Spesialis (PPDS) Germany

We are a group of Indonesian and German doctors who provide One Door Service (ODS) to Indonesian doctors to become specialist doctors in Germany.

We have more than 10 years of experience and have successfully become specialist doctors in Germany.

Have you ever felt desperate to become a specialist doctor and felt that there was no way and needed large funds to finish education? PPDS-Germany can provide a solution for you. As long as you study and concentrate on developing new skills (German and German equivalent exam), you will help you succeed.

    Meet Our Team

    We Provide Best Service For Your Business

    Dr. Yoseph Andrianto Rastandi

    Specialist Registrar Heart Center Ludwigshafen

    Dr. Sandy Wijaya

    Specialist for Internal Medicine and Cardiology Emergency Medicine

    Dr. Jakob Hanna

    Specialist for Internal Medicine

    Adinia Santoso

    Specialist Dermatology


    Providing the best and greatest possible opportunity for Indonesian doctors to become the specialist doctors dreamed of. In addition to offering international standard education, the financial benefits in Germany are able to increase the welfare of doctors during specialist education. With a good education and financial base, PPDS-Germany doctors are able to provide the best medical services for the Indonesian people and are able to compete on the international stage.


    One Door Service (ODS, one-stop service) to provide complete consultation assistance to doctors from learning German, preparing for departure, visas from Indonesia, permits and residences in Germany, preparation for medical language exams and equivalency examinations to obtaining a lifetime practical work permit. live in Germany and work in a hospital according to the desired education.

    We facilitate general practitioners and specialists to ensure specialist and subspecialty education in Germany with high dedication and professional service according to the personal experience of founders.