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Alpha Aktiv is one of the best language schools in Heidelberg founded in 2003 by Ms Beata Drogi, a Germanist and educator with many years of experience. In addition to professionalism and experience in German language training for almost 20 years, Alpha Aktiv offers a friendly learning atmosphere and service.
Alpha Aktiv shows you how to enter the exciting world of German with the help of a dedicated and committed team, as well as training methods that efficient.
Alpha Aktiv has spacious classrooms and is equipped with modern learning facilities.
All of this creates a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. The Alpha Aktiv team is always happy to help and advise you to succeed in Germany.
In addition, the Medical Program PPDS-Germany and Alpha Aktiv provide preparation for the medical language exam (Fachsprachenprüfung) in Germany.


Experienced in providing support to foreign doctors who want to work in Germany in specialist medical education programs.
Medical Program PPDS-Germany and Alpha Aktiv are ready to help you succeed in Germany.